How I can help you


I am an experienced and qualified Educational Consultant. I have a background working in Higher Education, FE colleges and schools, teaching in different subject areas as well as training academic colleagues in educational practice. My skills are highly transferable, and I can help you if you are in any type of educational or training setting (such as the NHS, Law, or any professional context which includes the education and training of its staff, often as Continuing Professional Development).



I can help you if you are looking for:

  • A consultant able to respond quickly and effectively to your learning and development needs
  • A multi-disciplinary practitioner
  • A specialist in online, blended and flexible learning
  • An innovative, creative thinker who will inspire colleagues and enhance the quality of their teaching

You might be looking for someone to provide:

  • A staff development day or half day on any aspect of communication, learning, teaching or assessment and evaluation you are wanting to engage with
  • A six-month project advising and supporting your organisation in transforming face-to-face teaching and training sessions into an online or blended learning format
  • Expertise in a specific area of teaching, learning and assessment in order to address a particular issue
  • Regular consultancy for in-house meetings and discussions about quality
  • A constructive and well-thought-through response to a challenging area of your in-house education and training provision

I am based in Oxford, but am able to travel and be away from home for work purposes.


Website updated August 2nd 2015